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Hello! My name is Mary Johnstone, a vendor at Farmers Market since 2014 and entirely a self-taught baker. I spent my recent years exploring, learning and improving myself to perfection at baking from home. I am delighted to offer selection of homemade breads, you may also find good healthy choices and promoting new products you may not find yet on the market which I will be selling from Scones, Biscuits, Buns, Muffins, Sweet Breads, Artisan Breads, Grains & Vegetable Loaves, Pastries, Pies, Tarts, Sweets and Seasonal Products that are truly made from scratch, handmade crafted and all made with my own signature recipes ensuring that every bite tastes delicious as it looks. I proudly used Organic unbleached flour, Free-range eggs, European-style butter and other best-quality ingredients possible in my entire products. Another exciting part is, I am giving away a free treat for customers who spend more by purchasing my products. So, I am pleased to invite you to try any products listed in this brochure and I have samples available for tasting too.


I considered home-made products baked from home are still the healthiest for you and your family. So I am thrilled to announce that I will be launching my own Licensed Home-based Baking Catering Business next Spring or Summer of 2018 to further promote my home-made products and also accepting platter Orders to meet customers demand.


I will be at Stony Plain Farmers Market (Upper Level) on 15th APRIL 2017, Saturday from 9AM to 1PM, Stony Plain Community Centre 5008-51 Avenue, AB T7Z 1Y1. I do sell twice a month, promoting new product every month and accepting Orders. To know more about the product details and updates, you may check out my website at www.bakecraft.me or contact me at 780-709-1638/ 780-963-6790 for any enquiries.


See you there!

Mary Johnstone

Home Baker and Vendor of BakeCraft at Farmers Market

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